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What do you do, when you need new Headlights for your car? Go to your partdealer and buy them! And what does our friend Flo do? He buys the whole car. Nearly the whole car… A big thanks to Benjamin for his perfect sized trailer! And thanks to Robert Prokschi from for this…thing!



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Milestones have been reached

Thanks guys for over 100.000 clicks on our blog!100000_30.03.2014 By the way our KdF-Channel has over 600 videos to watch!KdF_Channel_600

The Moped Riders

Last weekend Flo and Domi where driving to Flo’s property in Lower Austria. While they were driving through the so-called “Wood Quarter” – the northwestern part of the province, they got to know an older gent who’s repairing and selling motorcycles.

Domi returned with two mopeds. He bought a “KTM Hobby” from 1984 and a vintage “JAWA Stadion” from 1964 – both in good working condition. Now Flo and Domi are both looking forward to ride their mopeds in the upcoming summer season.

They picked up the motorcycles in a trailer pulled by our two-stroke powered “Trabi de Luxe”. And they even carried two bicycles they purchased for friends.

Downgrade! Herbie has four cylinders, the Trabi only two and the mopeds are driven by just one, but all of them are air-cooled! Welcome to the “DLV Aircooled Community”!

You can’t get enough bugs

Flo is still unteachable – if there’s a good deal, he makes it. So his new car is a 1964 export model. It is the last one with small windows and the flat windshield. Sadly the last owner left it standing outside in the mud for about 10 years.




News from KdF Channel

Finally 100 people follows our channel on Vimeo with nearly 600(!) videos of our favourite cars!

A Quarter of A Century

The co-founder of DLV and our dear friend, Flo, is celebrating his 25th birthday today.

Therefore we all wish you, Flo, a happy, happy birthday and all the best for your next quarter century!

Christmas brought only the best

This Lego model of a 1962 camper is available for more than one year, but now we also got one!

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Sorry for the bad pictures…

You’ve officially been pimped!

Domi, Flo, Friedrich and Max have worked on Domis Trabi to get a new look. They grinded four rims, primed and painted them in L87 Pearl White, like Herbie looks like. After drying Zainab spent new tires to make the car safer for the winter. Also Domi and Flo rebuilt an old “Taxi” sign and wrote “Trabi” on it. They took the old frame and construct a new glowing plate. The car looks great now! So it is ready for the slippery, frozen streets in Austria. Good drive Domi!

The 30 Years of Domi

Domi turned 30! Therefore we celebrated his big birthday in one of Vienna’s pubs called “Morgenstern”. Many friends and family members came to congratulate him.

Special thanks go to Flo, Friedrich, Eva, Heinz, Gabriel, Michi, Georgy, Fabi, Christian, Benjamin, Matthias and of course Zainab who made Domi the most marvelous present. They surprised him with a “Trabant” station wagon from the old GDR (DDR).