Meeting in Nappersdorf

About 70 cars came to the meeting located in the heart of lower Austrias wine cellar region. Domi held a presentation about Zainab’s and his world tour with Herbie. Check out their adventures on Herbie’s World Tour. Afterwards we made an excursion through the nice landscape to the Czech border.

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AutoMuseum Volkswagen

The last station of our trip was the AutoMuseum next to the Autostadt in Wolfsburg where we got a fascinating insight into the product history of Volkswagen. Among the main exhibits are many rare concept vehicles, prototypes and one-off models.

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Autostadt Wolfsburg - ZeitHaus

One day after the meeting in Hannover we visited the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, the home of Volkswagen.


The ZeitHaus chronicles the history of the car – from an exclusive item for the very wealthy, to a necessity for the masses.

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