Impressions of 2014

The year is nearly over and we want to share our impressions of 2014. From the mania of Flo’s car purchases over our visit of the famous Le Bug Show in Belgium up to our third Late Summer Ride. Enjoy the pictures!

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With this we want to wish you all the best for the upcoming season!

The spark leaps over again

A few weeks ago the sparking plug of Gregor’s PK 80S was ejected while driving – the thread in the cylinder head broke out. During the repair on the 130ccm D.R. cylinder we took the chance to clean the whole system, what definitely was long overdue.


25 Years Fall of the Wall

On the occasion of the Fall of the Wall 25 years ago we met today to drive our two-stroke cars from the old GDR (German Democratic Republic) around Vienna’s city center.

Due to the collapse of the GDR and the German reunification the era of East German cars ran out as well but there are still some folks driving them through town…

Last Altblech FNC 2014

The oldtimer season is nearly over - so we took the opportunity to meet some folks with the same passion for vintage cars and visited the last Altblech Friday Night Cruising for this year. Despite the bleak weather we had a nice time catching up with old friends and getting to know new ones.

DSCN0585DSCN0571 DSCN0576DSCN0572DSCN0574DSCN0577DSCN0568 DSCN0590DSCN0594DSCN0595DSCN0603